As part of the Green Minds project The Data Place, Food Plymouth, Plymouth City Council and Plymouth Octopus Project have been mapping groups of nature-supporting organisations, resources, spaces and projects in the city in response to feedback from these groups, who wanted better ways to connect with each other.

One of the key goals is to show groups working on community gardens, green social enterprises, allotments, culture projects in green spaces - or any nature-related activities - that they are part of a bigger movement.

We've done quite a lot, but we now need to hear from you! If you’re part of a group taking action or volunteering to help the environment, grow food sustainably, or help wildlife, complete this quick survey. Note that inputs are moderated by a human before they will appear on the live map shown on this page. Personal information will not be shown.

Note you can download the dataset in spreadsheet format from here:

Any questions, corrections or deletions? email